New Theme for this site

I redid the theme for the site, and moved it to 2.6.1. I am not going to even remotely claim that this is a visually pleasing site, nor will I ever claim it will win for the best site design. However, what made me change it was that I was not exactly enamored by any of the themes, and decided to do one myself. I looked for how to do this, as I have messed around with Photoshop before, and have become brilliant at hacking things around in Photoshop. But I took a few tutorials on how to do some stuff. This design is based from those tutorials. For those who would like to know, I went to these sites:

That was just some of them. I may do more, but I am also teaching myself Objective-C/Cocoafor the Apple/iPod/iPhone. But if there are any good links out there for Apple tutorials, let me know, because I may just be Googling the wrong phrases.