WWDC: New Ideas or Something Else

So today is the WWDC kick off, and we learned that Apple is going to release the new OS and mobile OS later this year. Why should this be important to anyone? Because it is starting to get the thought that not everything should be static and stuck at one location. While OSX Lion does sound cool, what interests me more is the iCloud. The world is evolving more and more each day. Remember when computers were something you only used in some jobs and always at the office? Now we are at cell phones and mobile devices being able to do almost everything you could do at a traditional workstation. And this really does change things.

I am not an Apple fanboy, although I do use almost everything Apple. I do not have an unhealthy allegiance to Steve Jobs, and I do not wait outside at midnight to get the latest Apple device. I like Apple because it provides many things I have wanted and did not get with a Windows machine. But I also hammer the hell out of my devices too. I use them all the time, to code, to develop, to play and to browse the web. So I do demand a lot from my devices. And Apple has always been good to me. However, I do not ignore the Microsoft patterns either. As I type this, I have a VM for Windows 7 running (and a VM with CentOS running too).

One thing I think that has been missing, is being able to move from device to device and keep everything without having to re-sync all the time. This is not just music and apps, but documents, and flowcharts, and other items. Now I will want to see how iCloud addresses this problem. It seems to be pretty good. But only time will tell if Apple hit the nail on the head with this one, or if it hit its thumb like it did with MobileMe.