After having been in different technology areas through the years, I have been blessed to see some of the changes and trends rise and fall. While I will never proclaim myself an expert in any area, I do want to share the knowledge I have with others. Some of the experience includes:

  • Windows full package suites, OS, Office, Productivity, Project, etc
  • .NET programming and troubleshooting
  • Open source technologies
  • PHP programming
  • Version control: SVN, CVS and Team Foundation Server
  • Interface manipulation and libraries, like jQuery, Flex and HTML5/CSS3
  • Project Management
  • Apple technologies and languages, including Cocoa, Objective C
  • Mobile technology management and application development

I started out in the technology area in the 90’s and decided to go to a local community college to help learn some of the languages I was using. This was before the dotCom bubble had burst. After learning the Microsoft technologies, and the C based languages, I started to see the technology moving from the desktop/server-client model to a more mobile based integration. Then the bubble had burst.

Lack of foresight on many different parties contributed to the collapse. However, what had happened, had happened and there was no changing the past at that point. Many technologists were now out of a job and had more chops and schooling than I did. So I decided to finish my AAS degree at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, then continue to my bachelors. This entire time I was working a full time job and taking credits where I could. After I recieved my AAS degree in Microsoft Technologies and Distributed Applications, I went to a private university, the University of Advancing Technologies. This is one of the premier game design/development schools in the nation. From this university, I learned more about the different technologies and trends. At the Commencement ceremony, we were privileged to have Michio Kaku speak to us. What a great man he is, and very interesting. Soon after I graduated, I decided to get a management oriented degree for my post graduate work. I went to the University of Phoenix for a Masters in Information Systems.

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies, and for start ups. I have been on the non-profit side and the hyper-profit side. It has been an interesting ride thru all of my different jobs, working with different companies. Through all of these companies, I notice the same things that happen, and the same struggles. No matter how big the company is, how much history is behind it, the same basic ideas exist in all companies: make it better, faster, cost effective, and state of the art.

I am married to a wonderful woman who puts up with me and my technology addiction. We have three wonderful children, and they keep me on my toes quite often. Sometimes I believe I am only in technology so that I can keep up with my kids. My son is already able to beat me in many X-Box games. I like to read, and most of my reading is technology articles, social media articles and digital marketing books. I like college football, running, and going to the beach. Anything I can do with my kids, I like doing it. I also love the United Kingdom and wish I could visit more often, and possibly move there. I feel very much at home in the UK. And when I am not there, I am in California soaking up the sun, and visiting the beach.

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