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With the sensationalized aura surrounding this “web 2.0” myth, there is more and more of a call for AJAX enabled sites. This demand gets higher due to sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and so forth. So when going forward with a design to implement AJAX libraries, which one is the best. The answer: Whichever one fits the job at hand. There are good points to Scriptaculous, jQuery DoJo and others. There is a good list of some of these with pros and cons at The Chandler Project, and a further list of other libraries at eDevil’s Weblog.

The one I am going to cover is a newer one, and one that is hosted elsewhere, which has its own pros and cons, and that is the Yahoo User Interface, or YUI. The documentation, the downloads (if you desire), tutorials and other information is located at http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ and is very extensive for the different aspects it can do. What I am going to cover is something useful for long pages of content on the web, Tabbed Viewing.

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