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Apple iPhone Development

Just a quick post here. Not a lot of time to do anything really earth shattering in this post. I have recently purchased a book to help me start to code some apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I am starting out slow, then going to work my way up to some really cool apps. I think one of the things I will create first is an app that can download site content for use offline. I am sure there are a ton of apps out there that do that, ie like readers, feeds etc, but i was looking to start with something that would help me, and then grow from there.

Here is the book I bought:
iPhone Development
by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche

Not sure when I will have time to get through this. But I will. Also, if there are any other books, or better resources to look at, please let me know. There are a few apps I have in mind for all portable/phone devices I want to do, but as with the rest of the world, money is a little tight right now and have to start somewhere.

Things on my mind

OK, so I am a little late in posting something for the New Year. Now that college football season is over, there is less distractions for me on the TV. In my last post, I mentioned that my only New Year’s resolution was to take down the Christmas Tree. Well, I have done that, so this year is a success.

Now for some of the code stuff going on, more applications appear to be on the horizon. Some are big for a project, others are a couple of things that should be able to be completed fairly quickly. Some will have newer, “flashy” things on them, more integrated AJAX and what not.

But the real excitement is the new MacBook Pro 17″. I was hoping they would do that one soon, and now that they have, I think I want to get it. I just need to convince my wife that it is the right investment to do. Maybe I need to take on a few different projects here and there to help me out to get that new MBP. Then again, I really do not need any new hardware really. I just like getting hardware, especially when it comes with a possible 8G of RAM.

One hope of mine is to return to the UK with my family, possibly moving there. My kids are still younger, so the impact on them would not be as bad as it would be had they been teenagers. Yeah I know it sounds odd for me to want to immigrate to the UK, but that is what I feel would be best for my family. I can not really explain it, just a feeling I have.

So much for the musings and ramblings I have done. Next post will be about some code stuff. Most likely going again in the vein of CakePHP.

Finally back up

After a few years of deliberating and going thru different iterations of site code, I have returned to the WordPress world and will write at the very least, the weekly entry in the blog. This will definitely have some issues as I see, as I am still deciding on the correct theme. But that will all be settled some time soon.

I have set up a few categories as of right now, and may add some more, but may not have to add any at all.

Current projects I am working on includes my full time job working with Fox Entertainment building online applications in PHP. Working with other side projects that include CakePHP for a local non profit organization, developing applications for the iPhone/iPod and another project to develop the plugin applications for those mobile apps on the Mac.

If there are any questions, then let me know.