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Testing the NuSOAP Webservice in C#

For the past few posts, the main focus has been a NuSOAP Webservice that does really basic things with very limited data. The different functions of the service have done a variety of things:

  • showNumbers – Returns an array of numbers in a non-assoc array key format
  • showMadLib – Returns a mad lib based on the data it is sent. Need 4 Adjectives, 2 Adverbs, 3 Nouns, 1 Verb, and 2 Verb: Past Tense. It replies with a string that contains the madlib.
  • showGroupItems – Simplistic service to return an array of items for a specific event, the ones available are: movie, picnic, drive, shopping
  • showTaxes – Shows the taxes based on state taxes. Currently, the only states available in this are: AZ,AL,AK, CA, OR, WA, UT, ID, WY, Defaults to CA if no state is provided. The input for this function is an array.
  • showPhrases – Shows a phrase from Shakespeare and replaces the name with the supplied name. ID is a number from 0 – 4

Although these are very basic and the real world applications are very limited, it can provide a spring board to building real world webservices that can be used for a variety of reasons. But, the power of webservices are that they can be code independent if written correctly. The server portion we have done is all in PHP. The client we have tested this on has been a PHP base. Based on the client functioning properly, we know that PHP based applications will be able to access the data. But the web is not 100% PHP based. Other code exists, which could be .NET flavors, Java, even ColdFusion. We need to ensure that the webservice built will be accepted by applications written in other languages.
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