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Apple iPhone Development

Just a quick post here. Not a lot of time to do anything really earth shattering in this post. I have recently purchased a book to help me start to code some apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I am starting out slow, then going to work my way up to some really cool apps. I think one of the things I will create first is an app that can download site content for use offline. I am sure there are a ton of apps out there that do that, ie like readers, feeds etc, but i was looking to start with something that would help me, and then grow from there.

Here is the book I bought:
iPhone Development
by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche

Not sure when I will have time to get through this. But I will. Also, if there are any other books, or better resources to look at, please let me know. There are a few apps I have in mind for all portable/phone devices I want to do, but as with the rest of the world, money is a little tight right now and have to start somewhere.

Finally back up

After a few years of deliberating and going thru different iterations of site code, I have returned to the WordPress world and will write at the very least, the weekly entry in the blog. This will definitely have some issues as I see, as I am still deciding on the correct theme. But that will all be settled some time soon.

I have set up a few categories as of right now, and may add some more, but may not have to add any at all.

Current projects I am working on includes my full time job working with Fox Entertainment building online applications in PHP. Working with other side projects that include CakePHP for a local non profit organization, developing applications for the iPhone/iPod and another project to develop the plugin applications for those mobile apps on the Mac.

If there are any questions, then let me know.