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Queries using CakePHP find()

CakePHP now has deprecated some queries. The findALL, findCount, etc etc etc. This now uses the find() method for all of these, and has a basic syntax for this. If it is basic, why blog about it then? Good question. The documentation is there in the API, and is there in the Cookbook, it took me some time to really get a good idea on an applicable example and took many times of “trial and error” to help me get along. Because finding is good, and will give you all the information you need, if it is a simple, 1 table find. If you need to query two or three tables, how does this work. So this will go into those as well.

The basic idea of find, as listed by the API is this:

	array $conditions, 
	array $fields, 
	string $order, 
	int $recursive

This will find one record based on conditions, return the desired fields (or all of them if nothing is specified), order the results, and go so many levels deep (-1 for just the current table).
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