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Alert Message When the Form Is Not Complete

Another quick post. This has some info on the “intrawebs” but there is also bad data out there. Say you have a form, that has some info on it that requires a good amount of data to be input by the end user. If the user leaves the form to go to another page, or closes the window, all of that will be lost. So there is a couple ways you can combat that.

1. You could make everyone create an account to save any data on a smaller scale and come back later and submit the form
2. You can create an alert message when the user no longer wants your page to show.

There are different reasons to do one or the other. If you had a long form for something like a scholarship or a detailed personal profile, that would be the case for the account to save the data in smaller chunks. However, lets say you have a form with many fields that requires some data input and alot of options to parse through. That would be a case for an alert message. But since HTTP is stateless, how would one accomplish this?

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October Posting

It is finally October and I have not posted one thing yet. I was in California last week though. However that should not be an excuse for the lack of posting I have made. I really wanted to be able to post at least once a week, trying for twice a week. However, that has not happened.

So a quick post about security in a site. I will not claim that I know everything about security, but I have always been about the common sense stuff of a site. Some of the things to keep in mind:

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